To display Meteotest content on your website, we offer several technical possibilites:

Technique Description Integration complexity Interactivity
Data only Fetch the data from our API and visualize it yourself High Yes
Simple image Include a simple image on your page Low No
JavaScript Recommended: Include a piece of HTML which loads a JavaScript from our server, which will display the required content directly in your page Medium Yes
IFrame Include an IFrame on your site Medium Yes
Complete webapplication A complete webapplication hosted on our servers Low Yes
Partial HTML Fetch a piece of HTML which you include on your site within your HTML code (not recommended) Medium Yes

Data only

Our API can provide you with data in XML, JSON(P), CSV, text and other formats. You will have to write scripts on your side to display the values the way you want. Special requests will be created for the data you require.

Sample requests

Simple image

We can also provide specifically designed images for your website. Those can be included with a simple HTML image tag and require no further programming work.

Any variation of data (symbols, wind arrows, values, chart etc.) is possible.

Sample HTML tags

<img src="" alt="Current SMN wind measurements" />
<img src="//" alt="Temperature forecast for Bern" />

Sample images

Current SMN wind measurements Temperature forecast for Bern


This is our preferred method.

You include some HTML on your page which loads both JavaScript files and style sheets from our server and displays the data in any way you want (and we design for you). Full interactivity is possible.

Sample HTML tags

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//" type="text/css">

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

<div id="mt-content"></div>

Sample JavaScript integration


The inline frame tag allows your site to display a part of the content from another server. There are some design issues to solve, especially if the content changes size. Full interactivity is possible.

Sample HTML tags

<iframe src="//" width="450" height="200"></iframe>

Sample IFrame

Note: The size of the IFrame can be adapted to the content so it appears without scrollbars.

Complete webapplication

We design and implement a complete webapplication according to your wishes and host it on our servers.

Sample applications

Partial HTML

We do not recommend doing this and would rather like to use a JavaScript solution.

We generate a piece of HTML which you will fetch every time a page is loaded and then display the response within your page. Any links on these pages will have to be re-routed through your page again to our server.

Sample implementation

Check out the NABEL Datenabfrage for an application of this technique. The content management system on this site does not allow IFrames, which is why this solution was chosen.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions or if you need help implementing our data on your website.